“Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body; it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.” John F Kennedy, The Soft American


Saratoga High School Toughens P.E. Program « CBS San Francisco.


 Here’s a link to Maddy’s video.


 Presidential Fitness Test Now Awarded To Any Kid Who Can Eat Without Sweating–just a joke, right?

CrossFit Sawmill is a ground-breaking approach to physical education for Saratoga High School students.  In a time when teens are at increasingly higher risk of inactivity, academic stress, obesity, type 2 diabetes, and unrealistic body image expectations, CrossFit Sawmill provides a program that is effective, intense, varied, fun,  scientifically based and accessible to students of all levels and abilities.  Select “PE” from the drop-down menu to the right to view our daily lesson plans, or click on the “teacher resources” tab for a wealth of useful information.

CrossFit Sawmill is a strength and conditioning program for Saratoga High School after-school athletes.  It provides measurable results, and can be tailored to individual or sports-specific needs. We train athletes to become agile, powerful, and explosive. They learn to quickly move large loads over long distances, using functional exercises which are safe, natural, and efficient.  We strive to practice a perfect effort in the weight room that will parallel the effort on the field, court, track, or pool. We want our athletes to consistently sharpen their competitive drive so that when they are in season they compete to the best of their ability for the entire contest. We believe that continuous competition will develop superior athletes.  CrossFit Sawmill’s program allows for participation by a full spectrum of athletes from a variety of sports.  Select “Sawmill WOD” for the after-school workout of the day, or select a team-specific WOD if appropriate.  The “Sawmill Schedule” tab shows what is happening after school.

CrossFit Sawmill is a fitness hub for the Saratoga community.  By popular demand, we are experimenting with morning and evening classes for “non-students.” Participants include parents of Saratoga High students, SHS teachers and staff members and community members.  Our vision is that on any given day, a student in a 9th grade PE class, a math teacher, a mom, the school librarian, a varsity football player and a fire fighter from the station down the street will all do the same Workout of the Day.  We are coming very close to realizing that vision.

Finally, we would like CrossFit Sawmill to be a resource and a discussion forum for public school PE teachers who would like to join the revolution.  Are you ready to rethink the traditional approach to PE?  Are you ready to see your students get fitter in real and measurable ways?  Select “Teacher Forum” from the drop-down “Posts” menu.  Bring your questions, successes, frustrations and stories.  Let us know you’re out there.

Here are some workouts you can do on vacation that require no special equipment, courtesy of Highlands Fire CrossFit.  Send us a picture of yourself doing a workout in an interesting location, and we’ll post it here.


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